< BREAKING NEWS…Sikhala Denied Bail

MDC Alliance deputy chairperson Job Sikhala has been denied bail at Harare Magistrate’s court after a lengthy process he began by challenging placement on remand.

Sikhala has been remanded at Chikurubi Maximum prison since August 22, 2020.

Regional magistrate Lazini Ncube said Sikhala was not a suitable candidate for bail as he knew that the police were looking for him as confirmed in his videos.

Ncube said it was incumbent upon him to have reported to the nearest police station and surrender himself but due to the fact that he deliberately overlooked this, it was a sign that he was fleeing from the police.

He said it was proper for the court to consider Sikhala’s previous conduct in the other 64 cases he once appeared for, but it was trite that each case had its own merits and because the police looked for him for a long time, he never bothered to surrender and opted to hide.

“In light of the evidence led by the police and Sikhala’s conduct of not surrendering himself to the police knowing he was being sought, the court is of the view that he is not a suitable candidate for bail,” he said.

The State led by Garudzo Ziyaduma had opposed Sikhala’s admission to bail asserting that the State had compelling reasons to deny Sikhala bail and that he committed the alleged offence, if guilty would face a 10 year prison term.

He also said that Sikhala knew the police were after him and fled, reason enough to conclude that he would avoid trial if freed on bail.

However, the Defence led by Advocate Eric Matinenga argued that Sikhala was innocent and had no case to answer and as a legislator he knew his obligations to the Constitution and laws of the country.

He argued that in all his 64 cases before the courts Sikhala had always behaved honourably without absconding and was a good candidate for bail.

He stated that the State failed to produce compelling reasons to deny him bail and that the charges he was facing were baseless.

Matinenga also submitted that Sikhala had been charged with more serious offences before and had never absconded bail, therefore he was suitable to be freed.

After the ruling Matinenga’s co-counsel, Harrison Nkomo said they were going to submit a High Court appeal Friday morning. Nhau/lndaba


6 more test Covid positive at Benjamin Burombo Building


Provincial Covid-19 Taskforce Spokesperson for Masvingo, Rodgers Irimayi

MASVINGO – Six more Government employees have tested Covid-19 positive at Benjamin Burombo Building bringing to 13 the total number of positive people at the complex.

Seven other workers tested positive last week and this is confirmed by the Provincial Covid-19 Taskforce Spokesperson for Masvingo, Rodgers Irimayi.

All of them are asymptomatic but three have been admitted at Rujeko Clinic their houses were found to be unsuitable for self isolation.

The employees were part of 97 whose samples were taken last Tuesday.

Benjamin Burombo Building houses the province’s top Government officials including the Minister of State for Masvingo Ezra Chadzamira, Provincial Development Coordinator Dr Jefter Sakupwanya and Provincial Medical Director Dr Amadeus Shamhu.

Over the weekend we received results for 97 Government employees who were tested at Benjamin Burombo last Tuesday and 6 were positive to Covid-19. That brings the total to 13,” said Irimayi. 


Sick Hopewell Chinono In Court Not Hospital, “Why are the authorities risking the life of a human being like this.”

Pedzisai Ruhanya is a former News Editor for Zimbabwean independent newspaper Daily News. He is a former President of the Harare Polytechnic Students wrote on his Twitter, ” This is not the Hopewell I know. Why are the authorities risking the life of a human being like this. Thought at this moment the place Hopewell should be is a hospital not the Harare Magistrates Court


Court Updates 1 September 2020, Chin’ono Case Update, Sikhala Case Update

Advocate Nyamakura tells the court that Chin’ono ought not to be in court because he is ill and exhibits symptoms his special physician suspects to be Covid-19.

His condition maybe exposing everyone else in the court room as prisons authorities forced him to come to court

Nyamakura tells the court that Chin’ono’s condition requires him not to be in contact with other people until he is given the green light to do so by his physician

ZPCS dragged Chin’ono out of his cell on the pretext that his physician wanted to see him only for him to realise that he was misled before they manhandled him into the van to court.

State tells the court that they received Chin’ono’s docket today and needs time to peruse it to come up with a probable trial date

Magistrate Nduna consents and adjourns the court

The Defence and State consent for the matter to be remanded to the 14th of September.

Sikhala Court Update
The bail hearing of Job Sikhala now starts two hours behind the scheduled time

State counsel Garudzo Ziyaduma now re-examines detective Mukohwa who is the investigating officer in the case

States that he started investigating the case as an Enquiry Register (ER) 42/2020 on 17 July 2020

Advocate Matinenga objects the basis of mentioning issues to do with ER which is not in the record.

Magistrate Lazini Ncube concedes with Matinenga and tells the State to consider another line of questioning.

Mukohwa states that outlining the offence Sikhala was being sought for in the police press statement would jeopardise investigations

On the assault case,Mukohwa wanted the court to know that he was not the one investigating the case and would not know its circumstances

Re-examination ends and the defence now calls Beatrice Mtetwa to take the witness stand.

Mtetwa tells the court that she has been practicing law for the past 39 years and knows Sikhala through the Masvingo High Court case as her client

Mtetwa now taking the oath

Harrison Nkomo one of Sikhala’s lawyers starts cross examining her

Sikhala also called on the same day stating that unidentified persons in unmarked cars had visited his home and had reportedly refused to leave their particulars

She knows him as a public figure and on the 20th of July 2020,Sikhala called her to confirm whether journalist Hopewell Chin’ono had been taken from his home.

Sikhala requested her to enquire whether the police CID Law and Order section were looking for him so that they could arrange to meet them if this was so. Sikhala was at his rural home

Mtetwa went to the Law and Order section under Sikhala’s instruction and asked whether they sought Sikhala and anyone else.

Detective Chibaya officer in charge at Law and Order told her that they knew how they would find their subjects if they needed them

Mtetwa wrote a letter addressed to Chibaya and delivered it to him in the company of lawyer Gift Mtisi.

Sikhala Court Update
Chibaya read the letter and stated that they were not looking for Sikhala on 21 July 2020 as the letter contained a message that Sikhala would avail himself upon return from his rural home.

Court briefly adjourns

Mtetwa tells the court that officer in charge CID Law and Order Harare refused to sign the letter informing them that Sikhala was ready to cooperate with the police if they sought to interview him.

State led by Ziyaduma now re-examines Mtetwa

Sikhala cooperated with the police on the 2019 subversion charges

Mtetwa leaves the stand and Albert Masaka editor and publisher of ZC News takes the witness stand

Lawyer Jeremiah Bamu starts cross examining him

Masaka tells the court that he once interacted with Sikhala.

Masaka tells the court that he interviewed Sikhala on 14 July 2020

He interviewed him at Sikhala’s offices in Chitungwiza after seeing graffiti on the walls in Chitungwiza demandingding the release of Sikhala over the 2019 subversion case

Sikhala told him he had no peace since his acquittal on the case

State now re-examines Masaka

Masaka tells the court that the graffiti all over Chitungwiza was a message calling for the end of persecuting Sikhala

Sikhala said there were people after him

Sikhala’s utterances during the interview outlined his position

The video interview was accompanied by a full story on the ZC News website

Ziyaduma goes through the story on the website to guide him in his next line of questions

Masaka denies that the Sikhala interview was not a coincidence as mentioned by the State

The interview was prompted by the graffiti on most Chitungwiza durawalls concerning Sikhala’s persecution

Advocate Matinenga calls Sikhala on the witness stand

Tells the court that he has been a Zengeza West MP from July 2018 and from 2000 to 2008 he was legislator for St Mary’s constituency

Started being critical of government in 1990 when it wanted to declare a one party State

Supported the youths and all those agitated by the government’s intention at the age of 16

In 1996 he became elected secretary for information and publicity for students at the University of Zimbabwe

Was part of the MDC formation in 1999 and was elected to the position of secretary for security and intelligence at the 2000 MDC inaugural congress

In 2019 he was elected to be the MDC Alliance’s deputy chairperson

The name Wiwa came into existence in 1997 after the arrest of Saru Ken Wiwa who was arrested in Nigeria by Sani Abacha without trial

Says his words at Mandadzaka business centre,Bikita were not favoured by the government in 2019

The words, “we are going to take to the doors steps of Emmerson Mnangagwa….we are going to remove him before 2023…” disturbed the government

In 2019 detective Chief lnspector called Sikhala to his office on allegations of subverting a constitutionally elected government and said he would avail himself the following day

On 9 July 2019 he went to the CID Law and Order section in Harare with his lawyers

Chibaya told him that he was a public figure and detectives could get his number anywhere after asking him how he contacted him

Been using the number for the past 20 years

An acquittal on the subversion charge arose due to the fact that Sikhala’s words did not constitute a crime

The State challenged the acquittal which was dismissed at the Supreme Court

Detective Chibaya did not call Sikhala over the current charge,but instead Sikhala called him asking why the police sought an interview

Chibaya was at a funeral and expressed no knowledge of this

Called Beatrice Mtetwa after learning of Hopewell Chin’ono’s arrest and instructed her to go and ask whether Law and Order also wanted him so that he could report there pronto

Sikhala’s offices are located within 20 metres from the main police station in Chitungwiza

The police were not looking for Sikhala who moved freely and had court appearances at Chitungwiza

Sikhala says he will never ever runaway from persecution

Says he is an apostle of non violent confrontation but the State imposed violence upon him

Narrates of his torture and brutalisation at the hands of the State

Sikhala tells the court that the struggle for social justice has never been fought on the plane of violence and the State should not invite him in a territory he was not part of.

Was granted bail on subversion charges and never defaulted bail condition

Never defaulted bail in any of the past 64 cases that have brought him before the courts

Was arrested in his bedroom with his wife and was never in the ceiling as alleged by the State. Anybody who believes that he was in the ceiling with his frame of body needs psychiatric attention

Makore brought a search warrant for bombs and matcher at his in-laws house. Job Sikhala became manna from heaven as he was not a subject on the warrant

Had never heard of the police’s press statement and I seeing it before the court

Denies knowledge of a pending assault case at St Mary’s as well as the charges of violating the Urban Councils Act

He has no pending matter before any court in Zimbabwe

Am not a flight risk and have never absconded even more serious matters such as treason or subversion

MPs net ZWL15 000 monthly and lawyers net US$15 000 or ZWL150 000 on a bad month

Has 11 children, the oldest is 20 while the youngest is 1 year 3 months old all depending on him

Owes support to 15 Gutu farm workers,8 employees at his law firm, assists his uncle’s who have no financial assistance as well as members of his constituency

Owes Farm 35 in Deure and the police never looked for him there

Detectives Makore and Mukohwa know his office and frequent it for money for lunch or beer.

Denied the luxury of a diplomatic passport and states that he can surrender the one he has at any time

July 31 has come and gone.

Is not a fan of violence. He is a fan of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandi’s theory of the struggle

State co-counsel Tendai Shonhai starts re-examining Sikhala

States that he did not know the police were after him and was arrested two days after leaving his rural home

Hopewell Chin’ono’s call alerted him that the police were after him and he immediately despatched Mtetwa to go and enquire whether CID Law and Order sought to interview him

Have always visited Law and Order upon request

State is forming an illusion that l was not at my rural home.

Went to Tynwald to check on the security of his wife who was being followed by thugs after his brother in law who is in Bulawayo offered her the house

Farm 35 is known as his second address at Law and Order and the police looked for him at village where he does not stay

Denies being arrested from the ceiling

Arresting officer came visibly drunk such that he was not supposed to be on duty

Says arresting officer told him that they would oppose his bail at the court on their way to Harare Central police station

Can take the State for an inspection in loco over the video he was recorded in a bushy area claiming to be his rural home

Re-iterates that he called detective Chibaya

Pre-trial incarceration is being frowned upon by our new Constitution

State vigorously opposed bail in the Masvingo High Court subversion case

Sikhala leaves the witness stand and Advocate Matinenga advocates for the matter to continue tomorrow in consultation with the State at 11:00am

Court adjourns


Evening News

18 September 2020


*All Boarding Schools Have Been Disinfected- Mutsvangwa*

*BancABC Launches Local Money Transfer Service*

*Zim Journalist Godfrey Mutizwa Appointed Chief Editor Of CNBC Africa*

*’I Deployed Chiwenga To Deal With Striking Doctors And Nurses’ Mnangagwa Says*

*The US Will Maintain Sanctions Against Zimbabwe Until Meaningful Reforms Are Put In Place – USAID Country Director*

*South Africa Remains Committed To Mediating In Zimbabwe Crisis – Pandor*

*Be Strong, Ignore Money Mongering MDC T Touts – Killer Zivhu To Chamisa*

*Takudzwa Beaten, Left For Dead*

*All Boarding Schools Have Been Disinfected – Mutsvangwa*
Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said that all boarding schools used as quarantine centres have been disinfected and are safe to readmit pupils.

Mutsvangwa said this while responding to Harare Senator Omega Hungwe (ZANU PF) who had asked if boarding schools that were used as quarantine centres were safe for learners during the Question and Answer session in Senate on Thursday. *The Herald*

*BancABC Launches Local Money Transfer Service*
Pan African banking group BancABC Zimbabwe has launched the City Hopper Service, a smart local remittance service which allows customers to send foreign currency between cities throughout Zimbabwe instantly.

Speaking at the launch , BancABC chief executive Lance Mambondiani said the City Hopper is meant to address the nationwide challenge of sending foreign currency across the country for the wider public and those who want to support their families or pay for goods and services and other business activities in foreign currency’.

“With the stabilisation of the foreign currency market in the last few weeks, banks have an important role to play as intermediaries and custodians of trusted platforms.” *NewsDay*

*Zim Journalist Godfrey Mutizwa Appointed Chief Editor Of CNBC Africa*
The African pay television network CNBC Africa has appointed Zimbabwean veteran journalist Godfrey Mutizwa as Chief Editor.

iHarare has established from a local publication, that CNBC Africa has appointed veteran journalist Godfrey Mutizwa, to take over from Chris Bishop as Chief Editor.

Mutizwa’s appointment as Chief Editor comes after Bishop who, after more than a decade with the ABN Group, advised them of his intention to step down and return to the United Kingdom at the end of October. *iharare*

*’I Deployed Chiwenga To Deal With Striking Doctors And Nurses’ Mnangagwa Says*
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told the ZANU PF Central Committee that repeated strikes and general instability in the sector led him to the conclusion that a firm, soldiery hand was needed and appropriate leading him to appoint Retired General Constantino Chiwenga.

Vice President Chiwenga is the Minister in charge of the Health and Childcare.

“I deployed a soldier to the health ministry after nurses and doctors had gone on strike. Now they are back at work.” Mnngagwa said. *Byo24 News*

*The US Will Maintain Sanctions Against Zimbabwe Until Meaningful Reforms Are Put In Place – USAID Country Director*
Agency for International Development (USAid)’s new country director for Zimbabwe Art Brown while speaking to the publication said only meaningful reforms will see the US softening its stance against beleaguered Zimbabwe and lifting the sanctions on 83 individuals and 37 entities in Zimbabwe. 

Addressing the issue in the interview, Brown said:The absence of progress on the most fundamental reforms needed to ensure rule of law, democratic governance, and respect of constitutional rights leaves Zimbabweans vulnerable to ongoing repression and presents a continuing threat to peace and security in the region.

Unfortunately, at this juncture, Zimbabwean authorities have not yet made sufficient progress to merit the lifting of sanctions, but our commitment to the people of Zimbabwe is ever solid. *The Zimbabwe Independent*

*South Africa Remains Committed To Mediating In Zimbabwe Crisis – Pandor*
The South African government remains determined to help resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe, despite governing party Zanu-PF’s dismissal of mediation efforts by the ANC and Pretoria.

“Zimbabwe is important. We continue to engage Zimbabwe and we will continue to do so until we help come out of the problem, crisis, challenges, whatever you prefer to use, until we achieve an outcome,” International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor said this week.

She added, at a Wits University webinar, that South Africa’s mediation was necessary “because it is clear that that great country is not where it should be at present. And anyone who wants to pretend might do so. But we are comrades, neighbours, friends. We stand ready to play a role and once they agree; ‘South Africa come on, we need to work together’, that moment South Africa will be ready.” *Daily Maverick*

*Be Strong, Ignore Money Mongering MDC T Touts – Killer Zivhu To Chamisa*
Former Chivi legislator Killer Zivhu has taken a swipe at MDC T and its leaders and likened them to touts who formed their party just to make money.
Zivhu was using microblogging site Twitter when he said:

To Advocate Chamisa ramba wakashinga wekumusha Zimbabwe needs a strong opposition party. MDC-T zvakangofanana nemahwindi aita party yawo achisvaka mari havana nyadzi.Shinga chikomana zvinopera ukaora moyo nyika inosara isina opposition party vamwe vose kkkkk ndeve drama. *Pindula*

*Takudzwa Beaten, Left For Dead*
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) President, Takudzwa Ngadziore was heavily assaulted by police officers while addressing the media near Impala Car Rental today, September 18, 2020.

CiZC is appalled by the continued crackdown on dissent by the Zimbabwean government.

We implore the government to uphold citizen’s fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution including the right to life, the right to protest peacefully as well as freedom of assembly and association. *The Zimbabwean*


Afternoon News

11 September 2020


*Zimbabwe Is In A Mess: ANC*

*We Knew That Mwonzora Was A Sellout – Chamisa*

*Mliswa Accuses Mnangagwa’s Twin Sons Of Corrupt Relationship With Nguwaya*

*Nguwaya In  Prison Visit Extortion Scam*

*Army, Police Victims Sue Over Delayed Independent Complaints Body*

*Biti Calls For  End To Double-Tier Pricing Regime To Curb Market Distortions*

*ZESA Fails To Electrify 75 000 Households In 5 Years*


*Zimbabwe is in a mess: ANC*
SOUTH AFRICAN President Cyril Ramaphosa’s special six-member delegation, which left Harare on Wednesday after a closed-door meeting with top Zanu PF officials, has painted a gloomy picture of the situation in Zimbabwe, rubbishing claims by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government that all is well.

One of the delegates, Toni Yengeni, who heads the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party’s peace and stability committee, told journalists on landing at Waterkloof Airforce Base in Pretoria that it was risky to allow the situation in Zimbabwe to fester.

“There are problems in Zimbabwe, major challenges both of social, economic and to some extent of a political nature,” Yengeni told SABC journalists.

Head of delegation, ANC’s secretary-general Ace Magashule echoed similar sentiments, although he was a bit ‘measured’. *NewsDay*

*We Knew That Mwonzora Was A Sellout – Chamisa*
MDC-A leader Nelson Chamisa said party supporters told him a long time ago that the secretary-general of the judicially-created MDC-T, Douglas Mwonzora, was a sellout who had to be expelled from the party.

Speaking at a church service for late Mirriam Mushayi in Harare on Thursday, Chamisa castigated Mwonzora for his alleged hypocrisy in claiming that he is defending Morgan Tsvangirai’s legacy when he was busy destroying what the late icon built. Said Chamisa:

MDC supporters picked it long back Mwonzora was a sellout and they urged me to expel him from the party but I called for patience. I said let’s not expel him from the party, let’s give him a long rope to hang himself. Look where he is now? *New Zimbabwe*

*Mliswa Accuses Mnangagwa’s Twin Sons Of Corrupt Relationship With Nguwaya*
Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa, has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s twin sons Shaun and Collin, of trying to get him arrested for exposing their “corrupt relationship” with Delish Nguwaya.

Nguwaya has been arrested several times, the latest arrest occurred in June this year after he allegedly misled government into believing that his company Drax International, also known as Drax Consult SAGL, was a medical firm and could supply COVID-19 equipment to the Health ministry.

In a voice note to the twins, Mliswa, who claims to be President Mnangagwa’s brother, chides the Mnangagwas and tells them they are too little to touch him. *Pindula*

*Mliswa Accuses Mnangagwa’s Twin Sons Of Corrupt Relationship With Nguwaya*
Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa, has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s twin sons Shaun and Collin, of trying to get him arrested for exposing their “corrupt relationship” with Delish Nguwaya.

Nguwaya has been arrested several times, the latest arrest occurred in June this year after he allegedly misled government into believing that his company Drax International, also known as Drax Consult SAGL, was a medical firm and could supply COVID-19 equipment to the Health ministry.

In a voice note to the twins, Mliswa, who claims to be President Mnangagwa’s brother, chides the Mnangagwas and tells them they are too little to touch him. *Pindula*

*Nguwaya In  Prison Visit Extortion Scam*
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU) and the President’s family friend, Delish Nguwaya have been accused of visiting a Harare businessman in remand prison to try to extort him.

This came to light in a letter to Prosecutor-General, Kumbirai Hodzi by Norton MP Temba Mliswa highlighting the irregular conduct of Nguwaya and officials from SACU.

The letter dated August 25, 2020 was copied to Mnangagwa, his deputies Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi and Defence minister Oppah Muchinguri.

Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander Philip Valerio Sibanda, Zimbabwe National Army commander Edzai Chimonyo, Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga and Prison Services Commissioner-General Paradzai Zimondi were also copied.

Mliswa raised concern over the visit of SACU officers in the company of Nguwaya “to extort” businessman Felix Munyaradzi at the Harare Remand Prison.

The motor-mouth MP demanded that the State should investigate the “unlawful visit” by Nguwaya, who is the complainant in the matter that has resulted in Munyaradzi’s arrest. *NewsDay*

*Army, Police Victims Sue Over Delayed Independent Complaints Body*
Two human rights activists are suing the government demanding the enactment of an Act of Parliament to comply with a provision of the constitution which says there must be an independent body to receive and investigate reports of misconduct by security forces.

Makomborero Haruzivishe and Tatenda Mombeyarara say they have both suffered “gross abuse” at the hands of security forces who cannot be expected to investigate themselves.

A constitution adopted in 2013 says in Section 210 that “an Act of Parliament must provide an effective and independent mechanism for receiving and investigating complaints from members of the public about misconduct on the part of members of the security services, and for remedying any harm caused by such misconduct.”

Seven years after the constitution was adopted, the Zanu PF government has yet to bring the legislation to parliament even as allegations of arbitrary arrests, abductions and torture mount against the security forces. *Zimlive*

*Biti Calls For  End To Double-Tier Pricing Regime To Curb Market Distortions*
HARARE East MP Tendai Biti has urged Finance minister Mthuli Ncube to remove the dual pricing system as it caused distortions on the economy as well as accounting nightmares within local industry and commerce.

Debating on the Finance Bill in the House of Assembly Thursday, Biti said the government kept repeating avoidable blunders that were bleeding taxpayers, heavily taxed to finance all illegalities created by the government.
“So, we are generating illegality upon illegality, but most importantly, we are creating distortions in the economy.

“Let us have one single pricing system. The dual pricing system is creating havoc in industry. It is creating accounting nightmares,” Biti, a former finance minister said.

“If you run a business, it means you now have two sets of accounts. One that deals with the USD economy and the other that deals with a local economy with two different tax obligations and interest implications. There is a different interest for the USD and the local dollar which does not work. It will not work.” *New Zimbabwe*

*ZESA Fails To Electrify 75 000 Households In 5 Years*
Zesa Holdings which wants to raise its tariffs, saying the present tariffs were now sub-economic, says has failed to electrify 75 000 households in five years, due to vandalism.

Acting managing director for Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) Lovemore Chinaka said this before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Energy and Power Development.

He said the existing rate was approximately 2.3 US cents per kilowatt hour instead of 10 US cents per kWh, which will allow the power utility to break-even.

Movements in the exchange rate since the last increase had made electricity prices sub-economic and threatened Zesa viability.

“The long-term impact would be that we will be unable to fix the grid from a maintenance point if we have natural failures of transformers or lines that are down due to age.

“You find that our capacity to respond quickly has been eroded,” said Chinaka.
Turning to vandalism, Chinaka said Zesa has been denied an opportunity to electrify 75 000 households in the past five years due to rampant vandalism and thefts resulting in resources being re-directed to replace stolen equipment. *The Herald*


Teemak On The Run After Duping Diaspora Investors Through Ponzi Scheme

Music promoter and dodgy businessman Teemak real name Taona Oswald Chipunza is on the run after swindling Zimbabweans in the diaspora of their hard earned money through a now collapsed Ponzi Scheme.

The 23-year-old wannabe celebrity is reported to have swindled dozens of Zimbabweans living in the diaspora after claiming to run his own licensed hedge fund.

Teemak lured unsuspecting Zimbabweans into investing in his Maximus Capital and its subsidiary Max Harvest, by promising them guaranteed quick returns.

The fund is reported to have become insolvent and is not able to meet its liabilities to investors.

The alleged fraudsters victims are based in Germany, the United States, Australia, Malaysia, China, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates while most of them are professionals who left Zimbabwe for greener pastures.

According to iHarare, the victims have since formed a Telegram group to combine efforts to bring the self proclaimed millionaire to book.

He is reported to have responded to the allegations by assuring the victims that they would get their investments.

“This project has successfully paid out over US$50,000 since its inception, it is unfortunate that we ran into some challenges which have taken longer than we anticipated to resolve.

“There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and all I ask is your cooperation, so we make this work for all. Certainly, all will be paid,

Teemak’s alleged accomplice who used to collect the funds, Rumbidzai Mhizha is reported to have posted a message in the Telegram group:

“The organisation is not mine, its Teemak’s. The only difference between me and all the other investors is that I chose to help with everything I had and I’m still trying to do what I can to help payback.

“For now, our priority will be to try and pay back the capital not all at once but gradually until we are presented with other opportunities to do more than that,

Other investors were duped into keeping their funds with Teemak’s scheme at maturity as they were promised high returns for reinvesting. One investor is reported to have lost as much as R200,000 and has been failing to track Teemak.

Teemak, who claimed to be a high earning forex trader, heralded himself into the public scene after signing top dancehall chanter Enzo Ishall and paying his termination clause with Chillspot Records.

He was reported to be a Malaysia based businessman who was expanding his interests by moving into entertainment and music promotion. After failing to establish himself as musicians ‘bosses’ he decided to try it himself and released his first music videoSongs of love.


Evening News

10 September 2020


*Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 Deaths Shoot  222*

*Court Acquits Journalists On Charges Of Breaching Covid -19 Regulations*

*Kurauone Acquitted*

*Mamombe Mentally Unstable : Lawyer*

*Spotted Ku Masowe ….Desperate MDC-A Trio Seek Divine Intervention*

*GMB Suspends 2 Managers For Failing To Update GMB’s Website*

*SANDF Says Defence Minister Went To Harare For Official Duty And Gave ANC Colleagues A Lift*

*’Zimbabweans’ In Other Countries To Blame ZANU-PF*

*Racist Ad : Unilever, EFF Strike Agreement*

*Tonderai Katsande Appointed ZiFM Stereo Station Manager*

*ZIFA Suspends Bulawayo Vice Chairman Using A Legal Nullity*

*Stories In Detail;*

*Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 Deaths Shoot  222*
Zimbabwe now has 222 Covid-19 deaths after four people succumbed to the disease while 41 new cases were recorded yesterday.

According to the Health and Child Care Ministry, Harare recorded three deaths and Midlands had one. Harare has 119 deaths since the pandemic broke out in the country in March and Midlands has 119. 

As of September 9, Zimbabwe has recorded 7429 cases, 5542 recoveries and 222 deaths. Of 1 053 PCR done today, positivity was 3,4percent)” read a daily update statement from the Ministry.

Zimbabwe has 7 429 confirmed Covid-19 cases since the first case was detected in March.

Out of the 41 new cases, 23 were local transmissions while 18 were returning citizens from South Africa.

The seven day rolling average of new cases went down to 111 from 118 while the national recovery rate remained at 75 percent.

Zimbabwe has recorded 5 542 recoveries while active cases went down to 1 665. *The Herald*

*Court Acquits Journalists On Charges Of Breaching Covid-19 Regulations*
Two Harare-based journalists who were arrested in the line of duty in May for allegedly violating Covid-19 regulations while on duty have been acquitted.

The two, Frank Chikowore (40) of Voice of America’s Studio 7 and Samuel Takawira (29) of 263Chat were arrested by the police on allegations of sneaking into Parktown Medical Private Hospital in Waterfalls to interview MDC A’s Harare West MP Johanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Christine Marova when they were being treated there after their abduction ordeal.

Their lawyer Paidamoyo Brian Saurombe said the court ruled that the State had failed to bring enough evidence thereby discharging them and finding them not guilty.

“The two were acquitted after petitioning the court in terms of section 198 (3) of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act indicating that the court had failed to prove a prima facie case against them entitling them to be discharged at the close of the state case. The court agreed with the duo’s plea,” he said. *Nhau/Indaba*

*Kurauone Acquitted*
MDC A youth leader and Masvingo Ward 4 councilor Godfrey Kurauone has been acquitted after the State failed to prove its case.

Kurauone was charged for blocking 500m of the Mashava-Chirumhanzu Road with stones. Magistrate Patience Madondo acquitted him after noting several inconsistencies in the State’s two witnesses who are both police officers.

“The witnesses’ evidence is solely based on them seeing accused in Mashava. Accused was wanted in connection with the July 31 demonstrations and it could have affected their judgment.

“What complicates the case is that the State didn’t even make efforts to find accused at his homestead after supposedly seeing him in Mashava.

“The court is therefore not satisfied that the witnesses identified the accused. Accused is hereby acquitted” said Madondo. *Masvingo Mirror*

*Mamombe Mentally Unstable : Lawyer*
MDC Alliance Member of Parliament for Harare West Joanna Mamombe, is unstable and currently under the care of a psychiatrist.

This came out in court yesterday through her lawyer, Alec Muchadehama, who was seeking temporary suspension of her reporting conditions.

Mamombe is facing allegations of faking abduction, together with Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marowa, and they are on stringent bail conditions that require them to report thrice a week to CID Law and Order, which her lawyer sought to have suspended on her behalf. 

“The accused has been taken ill and currently under the care of a psychiatrist because of her unstable condition,” Muchadehama told the court. 

Muchadehama told the court that the doctor had recommended a further two weeks to manage her and proposed the suspension till September 25. The State did not oppose the application and it was granted by regional magistrate Bianca Makwande. 

Allegations against the three are that on May 13 at around 1230pm, the accused and other MDC-Alliance youths gathered at Choppies Supermarket in Warren Park 1 and staged a demonstration against the recalling of their MPs from Parliament and the alleged misuse of funds for Covid-19 pandemic by the government. *Daily News*

*Spotted Ku Masowe…Desperate MDC-A Trio Seek Divine Intervention*
Embattled Harare West legislator Joana Mamombe and two MDC-A colleagues Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova have been spotted at a popular Madzimai’s shrine presumably seeking divine intervention to ease their legal troubles.

The trio are being accused of faking their own abduction to tarnish security services and the Government.

Yesterday, a documentary showing their movements on the day they were allegedly abducted was released and went viral on social media, splitting public opinion.

ZANU PF acting deputy secretary for Youth Affairs Tendai Chirau mocked them following pictures of the trio visiting a faith healer known as “Madzimai Memory” that are circulating on social media.

“After choreographed abductions have failed to gain public traction, the drama queens are now seeking divine intervention. Will this help them?” he said. *Nhau/Indaba*

*GMB Suspends 2 Managers For Failing To Update GMB’s Website*
GMB early this week reportedly suspended 2 senior managers over alleged incompetence, ZimLive reports. Corporate Services Executive Muriel Zemura and Information Technology executive Tendai Ganda were reportedly suspended because they failed to update GMB’s website while other reports claim that they clashed with chief executive Rockie Mutenha.

A source told the publication that: They were suspended on Monday for alleged incompetence but the real reason is bad blood between Mutenha and the two executives.  

The publication further reports that the 2 executives were reportedly close to fired operations director, Lawrence Jasi and company secretary Rodney Mzyece who did not see eye to eye with the new CEO Mutenha. The publication also claims that the fired executives raised red flags over the appointment of the incumbent chief executive Mutenha who was appointed without the board’s approval. *Zim Morning Post*

*SANDF Says Defence Minister Went To Harare For Official Duty And Gave ANC Colleagues A Lift*
The SANDF has defended the use of an air force jet by an ANC delegation that travelled to Harare.

They said Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula was on official duty and allowed her ANC colleagues to travel along.

The party sent a delegation to Harare, led by secretary-general Ace Magashule, for talks.

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) said on Thursday that Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula travelled to Zimbabwe for official work and gave her ANC colleagues a lift.

This, after the party was accused of abusing state resources by using a government-sponsored jet to conduct party business. It used a South African Airforce jet to travel to Harare to meet Zanu-PF, where they agreed that there was no “crisis” plaguing Zimbabwe, but that the country faced “challenges”.

In an interview with the SABC, party secretary-general Ace Magashule, who led the delegation, denied that it amounted to an abuse of power.
On Thursday, defence spokesperson Siphiwe Dlamini said the ANC meeting coincided with Mapisa-Nqakula’s official work.

“The meeting of the ANC in Zimbabwe coincided with the meeting of the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, who was travelling to Zimbabwe to meet her counterpart in preparation for a SADC Troika meeting and the UN reconfiguration of the Force Intervention, which comprises troops from the SADC region,” he said. *News24*

*’Zimbabweans’ In Other Countries To Blame ZANU-PF*
ZANU-PF Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu says there is no crisis in the country and blames Zimbabweans abroad for misinforming the world.

Mpofu said it is ‘Zimbabweans’ living in other countries who are to blame for spreading ‘falsehoods’ alleging that the country is burning.

He spoke these words after meeting the South African delegation that was in the country in an attempt to help Zimbabwe end its problems.

Fugitives are responsible for some false information being peddled out there.
“We have no crisis in Zimbabwe. Our discussions revolved around the challenges hence we agreed to work together in solving them,” he said. *Zwnews*

*Racist Ad : Unilever, EFF Strike Agreement*
Unilever, which supplies TRESemmé products in SA, and the EFF on Thursday reached mutual ground on the future of the hair-care brand.

While large retailers such as Shoprite Checkers, Pick n Pay and Clicks had agreed to pull TRESemmé products from their shelves after an alleged racist advertisement by the brand, Unilever and the EFF have agreed that these products can be put back on shelves in 10 days’ time.

In a joint statement, issued after a meeting between the two, they said they had reached an agreement on the following:

Unilever expresses its remorse to all South Africans, black women in particular, for the racist TRESemmé SA image.

Unilever will withdraw all TRESemmé SA products from all retail stores for a period of 10 days as a demonstration of its remorse for the offensive and racist image.

In addition, Unilever will donate a minimum of 10,000 sanitary towels and sanitisers to informal settlements identified by the EFF. *Times*

*Tonderai Katsande Appointed ZiFM Stereo Station Manager*
VETERAN radio personality Tonderai Katsande has been appointed as ZiFM Stereo’s station manager, which for some is the right move given the amount of experience and knowledge he has in the world of broadcasting.

TK, as Katsande is known, is one of the initial radio presenters for the station having been one of the pioneers when it began broadcasting eight years ago.

He was a prominent feature on The Ignition breakfast show alongside Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande who was later replaced by MisRed. *Chronicle*

*ZIFA Suspends Bulawayo Vice Chairman Using A Legal Nullity*
ZIFA has reportedly suspended Allan Mpofu who is the Bulawayo Metropolitan Vice Chairman for contravening ‘Section 11 (2) (d)’ of the Fifa Code of Conduct, 2019 which the publication claims doesn’t exist, The Sunday mail reports.

This came to light in a letter from the association’s CEO Joseph Mamutse, in which  Zifa is accusing Mpofu of ‘behaving in a way that brings the sport of football and or Fifa into disrepute:

We advise you that you are hereby suspended from being a committee member of Zifa Bulawayo Province with effect from the date of this letter. The reason for the suspension is to enable the association to do investigations and disciplinary proceedings. The association has reasonable belief that you committed a misconduct for contravention of Section 11 (2) (d) of the Fifa Code of Conduct, 2019. *The Sunday Mail*


BREAKING NEWS: Celebrations in Masvingo as Kurauone is set freeSep 10, 2020

MDC-Alliance Councillor – Godfrey Kurauone attending Presidential Precinct YAL in the US
MASVINGO – MDC-Alliance National Youth Organiser, Godfrey Kurauone has been acquitted of charges of obstruction or endangering free movement of people and traffic by Masvingo Magistrate Patience Madondo after a long legal battle.

Fadzayi Mahere’s tweet on Kurauone’s acquittal

Kurauone was arrested on 31 July and subsequently remanded in prison facing charges of criminal nuisance and also obstruction of free movement and traffic.

These outrageous charges came after singing anti-Mnangagwa songs.

However, recently the criminal nuisance charges were dropped leaving him in custody waiting trial for the other remaining charges.

There were wild celebrations by many who had come in their numbers in solidarity with the young Masvingo Councillor who has spent more than a month in prison and denied bail on several occasions.

Police had to be called to disperse the jovial crowd.

Social media is already flooded with celebrations too, with MDC-Alliance Spokeswoman, Fadzayi Mahere tweeting.

“Godfrey Kurauone has been acquitted. He should never have been arrested or denied bail in the first place. #ZimbabweanLivesMatter.” More to follow…

Fadzayi Mahere’s tweet on Kurauone’s acquittal

Copied by DONZA


BREAKING: Kuwadzana Mdc Alliance MP Miriam Mushayi Dies

 7th September 2020  

THE MDC Alliance MP for Kuwadzana constituency in Harare Miriam Mushayi has died.

Deputy party spokesperson Clifford Hlatshwayo confirmed the death Monday evening saying the legislator had died at a Harare hospital.

“It’s sad we have lost Hon. Mushayi this evening. She collapsed last week at the Harare Magistrates’ Court after she had gone there in solidarity with our party deputy chairperson Job Sikhala. Since then, she was admitted to a local hospital and had not recovered,” he said.

“We will share more details as soon as we get them. For now, we will hear from the family.”

Sikhala was last week denied bail by Harare magistrate following his arrest on inciting public violence.


Jah Prayzah and wife buy stand in Borrowdale

Award-winning musician Jah Prayzah has taken to social media to show off his new Borrowdale residential stand.
“This has given me so much joy and I hope it inspires someone out there. Continue pushing even when you encounter stumbling blocks. Do not be shy to fall, pick yourself up and continue running.
This will not be my first house but as a boy who grew up in the village only thinking of the best I could be in my home area, I can proudly and thankfully say these last remarks:
From UZUMBA to Borrowdale with love.” he said.


Gukurahundi survivors demand answers from ED*

RELATIVES of Gukurahundi victims and survivors in Lupane, Matabeleland North province, have demanded that President Emmerson Mnangagwa should go to them to explain why people in the region were tortured, raped and killed.

Mnangagwa was State Security minister in the 1980s when the late former President Robert Mugabe deployed North Korea-trained Fifth Brigade in Matabeleland and Midlands regions in an operation that resulted in over 20 000 fatalities.

The emotional villagers made the demands during a meeting by Rural Community Empowerment Trust (Rucet) and the Centre for Innovation Technology in Dakiwe village, Matshiya ward 15 in Lupane, Matabeleland North, on Friday. *NewsDay*


Actress Thandeka Mdeliswa’s family confirms that her murder was an act of Gender B ased Violence

Mdeliswa was best known for her starring role as Khanya in the SABC1 drama series iKani. 

The family of actress Thandeka Mdeliswa confirmed in a statement issued at the weekend that her murder was an act of gender-based violence.

News of the 27-year-old’s death was confirmed on Saturday and according to the statement, she died at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria where she had been transferred after being moved from hospital to hospital.

“It is with great sorrow that we inform you of the passing of our dearest daughter. She was shot in Evander, Mpumalanga on Thursday, 3 September 2020. She was immediately rushed to Evander hospital, stabilised then airlifted to Witbank after which she was transferred to Steve Biko Academic Hospital (Pretoria) as her condition was critical but stable. She passed on in the morning of the 5th September 2020 (Saturday).”

The family further confirmed that her murder was “another incident of violence against women” and added that the circumstances surrounding her death were still under investigation by police in Evander.

“The brutality which was inflicted on our daughter has left us deeply hurt. This is another incident of violence against women (gender-based violence) which our country has to fight against. We believe justice will be served.”

The statement concluded by indicating that this is currently the only information that the family are able to give and asked for their privacy to be respected at this time.

Funeral arrangements for Thandeka Mdeliswa’s burial will be announced in due course.

What shows did Thandeka Mdeliswa act in?

According to South African entertainment blog, TMdeliswa was best known for her starring role as Khanya in the SABC1 drama series iKani. Khanya is a young artist who finds out that she is from an isiNdebele family despite being brought up by her aunt as a Zulu.

However, her first television role came back in 2013 when she starred in an episode of the drama anthology series eKasi: Our Stories.

She has since snagged roles on various television shows and movies, including the ever-popular Generations: The Legacy.


Blondie exposed Uyajola 9/9 for staging fake cheating drama and she also claims that she was paid to pretend.

A woman who appeared on Uyajola 9/9, has accused the show of filming her under false circumstances.

Nothando Gumede, better known as Blondie by Uyajola fans, said she is now in trouble with her family for appearing on TV whilst fighting over a man.

Blondie said she thought she was just acting when she appeared on the show and they even gave her a script on what to say in front of the camera.

She claims that she was paid R1000 as hush money, not to disclose to people what was really happening on the reality show.

Her episode was shot in Ntinyane at Mbumbulu and Blondie said she knows the couple she confronted and they don’t have any problems in their relationship as they were also paid.


Clicks store petrol-bombed as EFF shuts it down over racist advert   towards black South Africans


A sign attached to the Clicks at Goodwood Mall in Cape Town.

A sign attached to the Clicks at Goodwood Mall in Cape Town. 
Image: Esa Alexander/Sunday Timesnull

The Clicks at Saveways Centre in Emalahleni (Witbank) was petrol-bombed on Monday morning.

A police source told TimesLIVE that there was minimal damage, with just a trolley catching fire.

Management of Saveways Clicks confirmed the incident. They said they were still conducting an investigation into the incident.

At the nearby Highveld Mall, a few EFF members have gathered in the parking lot. Inside the mall, the opening time has come and gone with the roller doors yet to be opened. Staff arrived at work in their plain clothes and were apparently advised to use a back entrance by security.

This comes as the EFF is leading a protest aimed at shutting stores run by the beauty and health retailer countrywide, after an advert deemed demeaning to black hair.

Party leader Julius Malema is outside Clicks at the Mall of the North, Polokwane.

“The only way to make capitalists apologise and feel genuine remorse is for them to lose money. #ClicksMustFall,” the party states.

Clicks has apologised for the advert on its website, as has brand TRESemmé South Africa.

Commenting on the protest action on Sunday, Clicks said it “provides a much-needed healthcare service to South Africans and stores will not be closed. Contingency plans have been put in place to ensure the safety of both customers and staff.”

The retailer added it has taken full accountability and apologised unreservedly for the advertisement published on its website and has taken immediate action to address all concerns.

TRESemme said: “We are very sorry that images used in a TRESemmé South Africa marketing campaign on the Clicks website promote racist stereotypes about hair. The campaign set out to celebrate the beauty of all hair types and the range of solutions that TRESemmé offers, but we got it wrong. The images are not in line with the values of our brand, or of Clicks. TRESemmé South Africa apologises for the offence these images have caused. We also apologise to the Clicks group.”

“We are looking into how this happened and why it wasn’t picked up, and we will take all necessary steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Despite the apologies, protests were being staged at various centres on Monday morning by groups EFF supporters, including at the Mall of Africa. The Clicks store was closed as members of the EFF sang protest songs at its door.

This is a developing story


Ace Magashule to lead ANC delegation to Zimbabwe

Magashule will head a 10-member delegation to Harare on Tuesday and will meet President Emmerson Mnangagwa SEPTEMBER 2020

President Cyril Ramaphosa is upping the ante in his bid to address the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe, with a 10 member ANC delegation led by secretary-general Ace Magashule set to visit Harare on Tuesday for talks with Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF.

Ramaphosa last week said he would deploy a high-powered ANC team to Zimbabwe “within days” as the political and economic situation in the country continues to be a threat to SA. A previous government delegation he sent to Zimbabwe attracted criticism for an ineffectual visit in which it was blocked from meeting the opposition.


30 000 Voters Reject Khupe’s MPs

30 000 voters reportedly responded to ZEC’s call to lodge their complaints should they have any objections in letting the elections body replace elected MDC Alliance legislators with nominees of a rival faction, The Daily News on Sunday reports.

ZEC confirmed receiving the voters’ objections as Chief Elections Officer Utoile Silaigwana said:

We have received the volumes of objections, but as you might be aware, the closing date for their receipt was yesterday (Friday), so we have not gone through them as yet. We have to verify to see if they were submitted in terms of the electoral law. If they are valid, there is a provision to disqualify someone from occupying the seat.

According to the electoral act, ZEC is supposed to review the objections, and is there are no valid reasons for objecting ZEC will conclude that there are no grounds for objecting the candidature:

Having considered every objection received, and having found that there are valid grounds for objecting to the candidature, afford the political party concerned to make representations on the matter. If, having considered any representations of the political party received in terms of subsection (7)(b), the Commission is still of the view that there are valid grounds for objecting to the candidature, the Commission shall proceed in accordance with subsection (4)(a), and subsections (5), (6) and (7) shall thereafter apply until a qualified person is identified to fill the vacancy concerned,

Khupe had nominated herself and 15 other people to replace the legislators she recalled from parly.


International Flights Resume In Nigeria

International flights to and from Nigeria have resumed after the West African nation imposed a lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, The Guardian Nigeria reports.

The country’s Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) in Lagos has reportedly welcomed the first set of international carriers according to the publication:

The first commercial scheduled flight, Middle East Airlines (MEA), arrived Lagos at about 2.20 p.m. from Beirut. British Airways aircraft from London was being expected at about 5 p.m. local time.

Similarly, more airlines have expressed readiness to begin flight services this week. Emirates has announced that it would resume passenger services to Lagos and Abuja on September 7 and 9 respectively. Ethiopian Airlines will resume Lagos flights on September 8, while Abuja is scheduled for September 7.

The Nigerian Government has said it is satisfied with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN)’s preparedness to handle an influx of international travellers jetting into the country.


South Africa Pledges To Help Mozambique Fight Islamic State Terror Group

South Africa has pledged to help Mozambique fight the insurgency if Mozambique asks for help. According to SABC:

International Relations Minister, Naledi Pandor says South Africa stands ready to assist Mozambique in the fight against an insurgency, but that the government of Mozambique would first have to request assistance. Militants linked to the Islamic State group have increased attacks in Mozambique.


Video and Images :Watch Mr Philip Chiyangwa dancing to Jah Master ‘s hit song Hello Mwari


Watch a video of Phillip Chiyangwa a Zimbabwean politician ,rich business man who has served in the Zimbabwean government. He was once the head of Zimbabwe’s football association dancing to a Popular Zimbabwean Musician Jah Master’ s hit song Hello Mwari.


Marabha finds love, again

RECOVERING comedian Charles Mirisi aka Marabha has found new love and is in the process of formalising the affair, the Daily News on Sunday reports.The luck girl is Anisha Chigasa. She is 20.“This lady (Anisha) is my girlfriend. We have plans to formalise the relationship and then we settle down,” Marabha said without giving finer details on how he met his new sweetheart.Anisha also confirmed the affair, telling this publication at the artist Epworth home that she is happy to be in the popular comedian’s life.“We met here in Epworth last month (August). I fell in love with him not because of his fame but just true love. Actually, I did not recognise him when we first met until he later revealed it to me that he is the man behind the popular name Marabha,” Chigasa said.Marabha’s brother Paradzai Mirisi told this publication it was good for ailing Marabha to have a wife again.“Marabha is aged 40 and his first marriage collapsed after he fell sick three or four years ago. He has three daughters. It is now in the public domain that my young brother is sick. At times he experiences fits, he can be unconscious for up to 48 hours and that is the time he needs care the most,” Paradzai said.Owing to poor health, Marabha is now staying with Paradzai in Domboramwari, a section in Epworth.“Marabha used to stay in Waterfalls (in Harare) together with his first wife. After they separated, I took him in as there was no one to take care of him. All along, I was the one who nursed Marabha with the help of my wife (his sister-in-law),” he said.Marabha sustained a permanent nagging head injury four years ago in Mt Hampden on his way from Chinhoyi.“He was travelling in a kombi together with other passengers. He had a misunderstanding with some of the guys on the kombi and one of them (guys) took a brick and struck him on the head several times.“He lost a lot of blood and the injury has developed into a permanent  ailment. As a result, he suffered a stroke due to regular fits/ seizures he often experienced. His left side (hand and leg) does not function properly. Even his memory was affected in a great way,” he said.Around June, Marabha fell critically ill. This has attracted the attention of well-wishers who swiftly intervened to save him. They donated some cash, goodies with Sekuru Banda (a Harare traditional healer and philanthropist) going an extra mile by building him an eight roomed house in Epworth.“Mai Titi donated money for medicals while Passion Java bought him a bed. Mahwindo brought in some bags of cement while Sekuru Banda chipped in with more bags of cement and other building materials,” Paradzai said.When the Daily News on Sunday crew visited the Mirisi family last week, Marabha’s house was almost 70 percent complete.“More bags of cement are still needed for plastering and flooring. Doors, windows and part of the roofing sheets are still to be delivered but we are happy with the way Sekuru Banda and others have honoured their pledges,” Paradzai said.Marabha is a third born in a family of five.“The doctors have permanently put him (Marabha) on drugs. He is also ordered to avoid mental stresses. However, some of the drugs (tablets) he is taking are quite expensive and these include the Carbamazepine tablets. We cannot afford them,” he said.Carbamazepine is an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug that works by decreasing nerve impulses that cause seizures and nerve pain, such as trigeminal neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy. The drug is also used to treat bipolar disorder.“I have decided to build the house on my residential stand such that I can closely monitor him time and again considering his health condition. Blood is thicker than water you know.  Besides, he has no residential stand. Some well-wishers had suggested to rent a house for us in Chitungwiza for a year but I turned down the offer considering it was not so sustainable,” Paradzai said. — Daily News on Sunday

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MDC Alliance led by President Chamisa wins the battle to control Zaka North

MDC Alliance led by President Chamisa wins the battle to control Zaka North

As MDC T meeting led by Mr Dumbu hosted at Senator Mudzuri’s house flopped in Zaka Central

6 September 2020

In Zaka North- Yesterday, MDC Alliance led by President Nelson Chamisa proved its popularity in Zaka North constituency. Many Zaka North MDC Alliance party members met MDC National women assembly acting chairlady Hon. Mugidho and MDC Alliance National member senator Marava yesterday.

MDC Alliance National acting women assembly chairlady honourable Mugidho said, “Yesterday we met MDC Alliance party leaders in Zaka North. 97% of all 2014 MDC members who were in structures attended this meeting. In addition, all 2018 MDC Alliance structures were in attendance. The Zaka North residents and MDC Alliance party members are fully supporting president Nelson Chamisa.”

In addition, Senator Misheck Marava said, “The popularity of president Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance is increasing. Surely, in 2023, we are going to win presidential vote, Zaka North member of parliament seat and all councillor seats.”

Zaka North MDC Alliance chairperson said, “We as MDC Alliance party members we want to assure MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa and Party leadership at large that we are solidly behind MDC Alliance party and we will never join Zanu PF and MDC T.”

Also, losing MDC Alliance 2018 harmonized election candidate Mr Dumbu who has joined MDC T had a meeting with some Zaka Central residents yesterday.

The meeting was held at Senator Mudzuri’s house.

One MDC T member said, “I could not attend this meeting because of the venue- Mudzuri’s house. I am Senator Komichi’s supporter. I can’t go to a MDC T meeting being held at the house of another candidate-Mr Mudzuri who is contesting to be MDC T president at extraordinary congress. It’s unfair. MDC T meetings must be held at neutral venues.”

One Zaka Central resident who attended MDC T meeting said, “Very few people from Zaka Central attended this meeting. Majority of the people were from Zaka North and Chiredzi. Mr Dumbu was campaigning for Senator Mudzuri to be MDC T president during the forthcoming extraordinary congress. MDC T Khupe, Komichi and Mwonzora supporters were angry after the meeting turned out to be campaign “rally” for Mudzuri.”

One MDC T member who attended the meeting who refused the publication of his name for fear of victimization said, “There is high factionalism in MDC T as we prepare for extraordinary congress. In addition, most 2014 MDC members who were in structures are not willing to join MDC T in Zaka Central . MDC Alliance led by President Chamisa commands great following.”

He further comments that, “MDC T is perceived as Zanu PF proxy through our involvement in POLAD.”

Below is a picture taken at MDC T meeting at Mudzuri’s house yesterday. 20 people attended this meeting including those who travelled from Zaka North and Chiredzi.

Tomorrow, there will continuation of trial of MDC National youth organiser Godfrey Kuraone at Masvingo Magistrate court at 8am.


We Know You Are Working With Zanu PF To Paralyse The Operations Of The City Council – MDC Alliance To MDC T

*We Know You Are Working With Zanu PF To Paralyse The Operations Of The City Council – MDC Alliance To MDC T*
The MDC Alliance presidential affairs secretary Jameson Timba has made claims that the MDC T is working in cahoots with the government to decimate the MDC Alliance led councils, a move that will allow the government to appoint a commision that will run the council till the next elections in 2023.

Speaking to the publication, Timba said: First, we are aware that Zanu PF is working with Thokozani Khupe, Mwonzora and company to disrupt service delivery in Harare by paralysing the operations of the city council through their unlawful recall of councillors. We are also aware that they are inimical to democracy and will go out of their way to reverse the will of the people of Harare as expressed on July 31, 2018.

Let me put it on record that the terms of office of the MDC-T anarchists, who masquerade as constitutionalists expired in October 2019, in addition, the court extended terms of office to July 31 and they do not have any legal mandate to purport to act for and on behalf of the defunct MDC. Any such purported recall is null and void. Any such purported recall is voidable.

An MDC T insider on Friday said the MDC T was planning to recall councillors in a bid to paralyse the council which will then lead to the government appointing a commission to run the council till 2023. However, both Mwonzora and Komich denied the claims that they were moving to dismantle the council. *The Standard*


Chivhu shooting suspects killed by police after shootout

Two suspects believed to have shot two soldiers in Chivhu on Saturday have been shot dead about 20 kilometres from Chivhu Central Business District.

National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told ZTN that the two suspects were killed after an exchange of fire with police.

It is not yet clear why the suspects who remain nameless shot the soldiers.


War Veterans Accuse Mutsvangwa Of Lacking Vision

Some members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) have called for the organisation’s executive to be disbanded on allegations that it is neglecting them.

The ZNLWVA executive has Christopher Mutsvangwa as the national chairperson, his deputy Headman Moyo, secretary-general Victor Matemadanda, spokesperson Douglas Mahiya and political commissar Francis Nhando.

Speaking during a press conference in Harare on Thursday, the ex-combatants, led by Ethan Mathibela, who was flanked by Ignatius Mutsinze, Shelly Kays and Fandafa Wandafa, claimed that Mutsvangwa’s leadership lacks vision. Mathibela said:

We demand that upon dissolution of the national leadership, there be a mechanism in place to start a process of conducting a congress which will allow the election of new leadership.

Since its inception, the ZNLWVA has been affected negatively by poor management and lack of visionary leadership.

We have observed that leadership has failed to establish an independent headquarters for the association.

There are no proper structures of up to date paid-up members, no annual general meeting, no clear policy to guide the direction of the association, no audited reports of the association’s finances.

The group said they had raised their concerns with Labour and Social Welfare minister Paul Mavima, who confirmed that he had been approached over the issue.

Mavima however, accused the war veterans of being presumptive by taking the matter to the media.
– – –


ZIFA makes decision on friendlies for Warriors before Algeria games

Soccer24 on 6 Sep, 2020

ZIFA makes decision on friendlies for Warriors before Algeria games

Zimbabwe Football Association )(ZIFA) president Felton Kamambo has ruled out the possibility of friendly games for the senior men’s national soccer team before the AFCON qualifiers against Algeria slated for November.

The Warriors take on the Desert Foxes in a Group H double header in November, after a lengthy break from football due to the Covid-19 crisis and head coach Zdravko Logarušić, who has not taken charge of any competitive game since his appointment in January because of the global pandemic, was hoping that the country’s football governing body organizes friendlies before that so that he could get to know the arsenal at disposal better but Kamambo admitted that might not be possible.

“I doubt if the Warriors will play any friendlies ahead of the November qualifiers considering the situation and also the window period is very near in September,” Kamambo said according to The Standard. 

“I don’t think we will be able to arrange any friendly matches for the Warriors, but we will have to make sure that we are at our best in every department,” he added.


*ANC Delegation Expected In Zimbabwe Tuesday

*ANC Delegation Expected In Zimbabwe Tuesday*
A 10-member delegation from South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) is expected in the country on Tuesday to meet its ZANU PF counterparts as part of the revolutionary parties’ efforts to strengthen mutual cooperation and appraise each other of developments on either side of the Limpopo.

ZANU PF director for Information and Publicity Tafadzwa Mugwadi confirmed the visit.

“I can confirm that the delegation will arrive on Tuesday. I am not sure of the full names of the team, but obviously it is going to include the top brass of the ANC. I understand that ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule will lead the team.”

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe acknowledged receipt of inquiries from The Sunday Mail, but had not responded by yesterday.

The latest engagement comes as the two liberation movements are being targeted for attacks by forces bent on ousting them from power.

Last week, ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa came under a vicious attack at the National Executive Committee (NEC) — the party’s highest decision-making body — where he was told by some members to resign.  *Zimbabwe  Mail*


Court Bid To Stop Zimpapers ‘Bias’*The government has been taken to court in a bid to stop it from interfering in the running of Zimbabwe Newspapers (Zimpapers) in violation of the law.

George Makoni, a human rights activist, lodged a High Court application, accusing the government of usurping the role of the Zimbabwe Mass Media Trust (ZMMT) by appointing the Zimpapers board and interfering in the appointment of senior editorial staff.

The ZMMT was established by government in 1981 to oversee the operations of news organisations owned by the state and act as a buffer to prevent interference by the state.
Makoni said the government has been illegally interfering in Zimpapers operations by sidelining ZMMT. *The Standard*

*Twitter Temporarily Restricts Ministry Of Health’s Twitter Account*
Twitter has temporarily restricted the Ministry Of Health and Child Care Ministry’s twitter handle.  Twitter usually restricts, suspends or ban users if they violate any of the app’s rules. The Health Ministry early this year lost another account after Twitter permanently suspended the ministry’s account.

The temporary restrictions mean the Health Ministry cannot post updates like the COVID-19 update till the restriction is lifted neither can they comment, like nor retweet anything.

The information ministry also lost their account after Twitter permanently suspended it due to violations, while recently the Information Ministry Permanent Ministry Nick Mangwana’s account was also temporarily restricted. *Pindula*


Exclusive ZUPCO Buses For Teachers, Pupils*PUBLIC transporter, Zupco is working with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to provide exclusive buses that will be used by teachers and pupils when schools open next week.

Last week, the Government announced that schools will open on 14 September for Cambridge Examination classes and on 28 September 2020 for Zimsec Examination classes. These include Upper Six, Form Four and Grade Seven classes and Zimsec examinations will start on 1 December.

However, there has been concern over how learners and teachers especially in urban centres will be transported to schools after Government banned private commuter omnibuses from operating in March after the country imposed a national lockdown to deal with Covid-19. Only Zupco is allowed to operate while private players have to join the Zupco franchise first before operating.

Nonetheless, Zupco and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education yesterday confirmed that an agreement has been reached to ensure that pupils and teachers will safely be transported once schools open. Zupco chief executive officer Mr Everisto Madangwa told Sunday News that the company has already put a special arrangement for the education sector.  *Sunday News*


Zimsec Exams Dates Set*GRADE seven candidates will be the first to sit for the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) public exams in December, with results set to be published in the same month to allow them enough time to look for Form One places.

The exams are set to begin on the 1st of December. Advanced Level exams will also be written in the same month, while exams for Ordinary Level candidates are expected to spill into January 2021.
About 1,2 million learners will be sitting for their exams this year.

Preparations have already begun following an announcement of the schools reopening date by the government.

Schools are set to reopen on September 28 for Zimsec exam classes only.

Cambridge classes will reopen on September 14, with exams beginning on October 1.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Zimsec board chairperson Professor Eddie Mwenje said after the timetables have been drafted, there would be extensive consultations with various stakeholders, after which they will be shared with the candidates. *ZBC News*


No Arrests Have Been Made Following Chivhu Shooting Incident

September 6, 2020

Paul Nyathi

Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has dispelled social media rumours that the two suspects in the Chivhu incident on Saturday have been arrested.

Speaking to ZimEye in an interview, Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said pictures of two men with one in handcuffs that have been doing rounds on social media are not at all related to the Chivhu incident.

Police have indicated that they are hot on the heals pursuing the matter and official information will be provided as and when it becomes available.


Zimbabwe protest organiser freed on bail, banned from posting on Twitter

02 September 2020

The detention of Ngarivhume and Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin'ono (pictured) - and arrest of dozens of activists has led to accusations that the government is persecuting the opposition, a charge the authorities deny.

Image: Twitter/Hopewell Chin’ono The detention of Ngarivhume and Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono (pictured) – and arrest of dozens of activists has led to accusations that the government is persecuting the opposition, a charge the authorities deny.

Zimbabwe’s High Court granted bail on Wednesday to an opposition politician detained after calling for anti-government protests in July over corruption and the worst economic crisis in more than a decade.

Jacob Ngarivhume was arrested along with journalist Hopewell Chin’ono on July 20, on charges of inciting violence. Ngarivhume had called for the protests on July 31 and Chin’ono wrote about the call.

Both men had been denied bail three times, but on Wednesday High Court judge Siyabona Musithu said the politician would be released from detention at a maximum security prison after paying 50,000 Zimbabwe dollars ($600).

AfricaMnangagwa says claims of arrests, deaths, torture are ‘without evidence’4 days ago

The judge said a lower court had erred in denying Ngarivhume bail. Another judge will rule on whether to free Chin’ono later on Wednesday.

As part of bail conditions, Ngarivhume, who leads a small opposition party, Transform Zimbabwe, was barred from posting on Twitter until his case is finalised, must surrender his passport to the court and report to the police three times a week.

Prevented from protesting by restrictions the government says are needed to stop the spread of Covid-19, activists have used a Twitter hashtag #ZimbabweanLivesMatter to criticise President Emmerson Mnangagwa and encourage global pressure on his government.

When Chin’ono made a routine court appearance on Tuesday, he looked visibly frail and told reporters that he was unwell and doctors had taken a sample to test for Covid-19.

The detention of Ngarivhume and Chin’ono and arrest of dozens of activists has led to accusations that the government is persecuting the opposition, a charge the authorities deny.

The opposition has disputed Mnangagwa’s 2018 election, which took place after he replaced ruler Robert Mugabe in a coup, promising a break with Mugabe’s authoritarian style.